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Lives and Living: Learning to Know at the Time of Pandemic


Isolation and exclusion

Migration, Citizenship and The State

Ganesh N. Devy


Whose City: Mapping Exclusions in Urban India

Sheela Prasad


Living with the Landscape, an ecology of being: Stories from the Sundarban Delta

Prama Mukhopadhyay


Controversies in the Arts: From Minneapolis to Mumbai

Arshiya Sethi


Decline of The Left in India: A Dalitbahujan Perspective

Adapa Satyanarayana


Social and Economic Impact of the Pandemic

COVID-19 and An Alterternative Future

Anup Sinha


Why History of  Medicine?

Deepak Kumar


Exclusion and Social Un-change

Samipendra Banerjee


Digital Divide and Digitalisation of Teaching

Pradosh Nath


Pandemic and Onset of New Normal

Lives and True Sense-Ability to Live: Livable urbanism

Joy Sen & Arpan Paul


Beyond Art and Social Discourse – Folk Media In The

Time of Crisis

Mousumi Bhattacharjee


করোনাত্তোর নিউ নরমাল লাইফের নয়া যোগাযোগ কৌশল

Rajiv Nandy


Ecosystem Health & Living vs Ecology

Kankana Das


COVID-19 and the Vernacular Artists of West Bengal: Survival of the 'Craftiest'?

Anirban Banerjee & Sourav Roy


Learning to Know: Lives and Living

European Puppet Theatre and Culture Focus on the puppetry and its role in European culture and European history

Dimitri Jageneau


Tracing Living Heritage of an Urban Craft: Goldsmiths of Garanhata in Chitpur Road, Kolkata

Rishika Mukhopadhyay


We had no money. It was fun!

Sagnik Sen