SOCIAL MEDIA            



Areas of interest of KnIDS include application of recent knowledge and ideas in understanding social, cultural and economic development. Use of science and technology for innovation and social upliftment is an important focus area of KnIDS. Documenting and integrating folk art, craft and music is at the heart of various initiatives of KnIDS.



Involved in research  related to advancement of knowledge, knowledge systems, new ideas, application of science and technology and innovation.






Organize / arrange / participate in lectures / seminars / workshops on different socio-economic problems as well as scientific and technological advancement. KnIDS strives to provide a platform for exchange of ideas on matters related to upliftment of socio-economic conditions of the people  










Publish research papers, views and discussions on different aspects of the economy and  suggest proper uses of techno-scientific know-how for adequate redressal.











Promote and encourage advancement of literacy, scientific and technical education.
Promote awareness among  people on economic, social and environmental conditions of society and also effectiveness of modern scientific knowledge for redressal.









Undertake research / studies on traditional knowledge system prevalent among the rural artisans and craftsmen. Trace the origin of such knowledge base and to maintain its database for future use and further upgradation.