Directory of R&D Institutions 2015

Directory of R&D Institutions 2015 : List of around 5710 R&D institutions sector-wise. (Read Pdf Document)

The Department has brought out a publication entitled ‘Directory of R&D Institutions 2015’ tenth in the series containing list of around 5710 R&D institutions with complete addresses sector-wise such as Central Government, Public Sector, Private Sector, Universities etc. The Directory is mainly a spin –off publication of the in-house national R&D survey exercise being supplemented by other secondary sources. Apart from providing the panoramic view of the S&T infrastructure in R&D, it also provides details on various communication modes such as phone, fax, email, web site addresses wherever possible. The present directory represents a surge in growth of R&D institutions by 33% in 2015 to 5710 as compared to 4288 in 2010.

The directory is widely used by professional engaged in policy making, planning science, administration, industry, teaching and research apart from other stakeholders active in S&T sector in the country.

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